Sugarcubes, live in Reykjavik

Imágenes y una minireseña del concierto de los Sugarcubes del 17 de noviembre en Reykjavik al cual no pude ir por culpa de una aerolínea imbécil que tuvo un retraso de dos horas en un vuelo y me hizo perder una conexión para llegar el día de la presentación (oigan, y todo esto lo escribo con mucha calma pero no crean que me hace ninguna gracias recordar que perdí el concierto de los Sugarcubes. Mucha frustración).

Amazing Sugarcubes comeback
By Eygló S. Arnarsdóttir /Icelandair Review

Björk y Einar Benediktsson cantan al frente del escenario.

Weird sentences in Icelandic and English, such as: “I am the landscape,” were projected onto screens in Laugardalshöll concert hall before the Sugarcubes entered the stage.

When people realized that these words in purple and baby-blue were actually quotes form Sugarcubes lyrics, the crowd’s anticipation grew.

The band entered the stage in high spirits. Björk sparkled like the star that she is in a silvery dress, but did her best not to outshine her fellow band mates.

The Sugarcubes opened with “Traitor” from Life’s Too Good, followed by “Leash Called Love” from Stick Around For Joy. By the time the tunes of “Deus” filled the air, the Sugarcubes had captured the heart of its audience.

El Laugardalshöll, la sala donde dieron su concierto The Sugarcubes.

The band of six, which split up in 1992 when everyone went their separate ways, performed in perfect unison and seemed to enjoy being back on stage together. The audience was an odd mixture of old and young, Icelanders and foreigners, punks and posh people, but everyone seemed to have as much fun as the band members did.

The Sugarcubes were considered eccentric in their time with Björk’s distinctive voice as its trademark, and did not really enjoy popularity in Iceland until being discovered overseas.

Björk’s amazing voice and unique way of singing reached a high in “Birthday,” performed in Icelandic halfway through the concert.

Björk, no commets necessary.

Other highlights included “Regina,” “Motorcrash,” “Hit” and “Lúftgítar,” the last song of the concert. Björk stepped back and sang back-ups with keyboardist Margrét Örnólfsdóttir while guest vocalist Sjón sang and played air guitar.

Such a fun evening made people wish the Sugarcubes would reunite for good, but unfortunately, the comeback was for one concert only.


alguien said…
Oops. Esa última frase está demoledora… No te agüites, verlo como que al final es sólo una cosa material ¿no? Bueno no, no se… Pero me gusta pensar que las cosas pasan por algo (por algo bueno al final).
Anonymous said…
jajaja siempre nos sucede
eso ke cuando a uno mas le
urge llegar
nomas nada
ley de murphy indudablemente

atte. darla_garrapata

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